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If you are looking for Xbox 360 flashing benq drive help, please read below. Insert the USB stick to the USB slot and open iPrep. You need to load firmware definition. Select the appropriate drive to make it bootable. You must shut down your computer and disassemble your Xbox 360. Your DVD drive should be hooked up to the PCI card. Once this is done you can turn on the computer and it should now boot through the USB stick. Follow the instructions closely and turn off the computer and Xbox 360. You need to restart your windows. Open the firmware toolbox and ensure that the FW that you have dumped is the correct one. You need to reboot the PC through your USB drive. Once the PC is restarted you must run fben1234567 12345 command to flash the drive with the firmware hacked. Your Xbox 360 and the computer should be shut down again. Now you need to try a burnt game to ensure that it works. If it plays you can reassemble Xbox 360. If you did not succeed in this step, you must check with other original games to find out whether the original games are working. If it plays the original games, try rebooting the system again UTP CAT5 cable using the USB drive. Connect Xbox 360 and run the fben 1234567 12345to restore the system to the original condition. Another way of Xbox 360 flashing Benq drive is using the following method: You must first install VIA card into your PCI slot in your PC. After this disconnect all SATA cable and IDE cable that connects to HDD drives and DVD burner and DVD ROM. You should have just one cable connected to the main HDD with winxp. Connect the SATA cable to the Benq drive in the Xbox 360 to the SATA port on your VIA card. Your PC can now be turned but while starting up press F2 so that can get into the BIOS. Once you enter the BIOS, turn off all the SATA port on your VIA card. If you are looking for another way of Xbox 360 flashing Benq drive is as follows. Install the VIA card in your PCI slot and make sure that all the SATA cables are disconnected. The IDE cable to your extra HDD and other DVD drives too should be disconnected. You must keep just the cable a single cable that connects to your main HDD. You must now connect the SATA cable to the Benq drive in the Xbox 360. Switch on your PC and get Cable connector into BIOS to turn off the SATA port in your computer. Leave only that SATA port that is linked to your main HDD where you have the winxp OS. Reload winxp by rebooting and switch on your Xbox 360. You need to now start your DOSFlash32. Here you must choose yes and switch off your Xbox 360. Wait for at least 5 seconds and switch on your Xbox 360. You can save the firmware to your ixtreme fast or in other location. Remember to name the file as orig.bin.

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